Friday, June 2, 2017

Funny Friday

Good Friday Morning to you
Wil here
What a difference a week
I was complaining
about the cold..
and now it is in the
80s and the AC feels good..
There are Rabbits living under
the garden shed..
They come out to play
sometimes and to eat...
they eat the weirdest things..
grass and leaves and
even want to get into the
strawberry bed...
They're good at camouflage too..
and often can be seen under
the butterfly bush or
the Elderberry bushes if one
looks very closely for a
little while until one
sees an ear twitch...
Have a beary good weekend.


  1. Hi Wil, of course rabbits like strawberry's just like we do. Although I guess you are like me and pour loads of honey on them. Hugs Wilbur

  2. You have a good weekend too! They always leave the flowers and eat the stems in our yard besides leaving a lot of poop!!!